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блокфлейта вистл software SvirelkaIntroduction to a software Svirelka.
Nice software for anyone who wants to learn to play the recorder or the Irish tin whistle.

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SoftwareSvirelka is intended for learning to play the longitudinal flutes.
It allows you to:

  • Select a flute for learning.
  • Select the melody and show its notes on the screen.
  • Set tempo melody ranging from slow to fast.
  • Turn on the metronome clicks.
  • Display on-screen a fingering of each note.

Flute, for whom «Svirelka» shows a fingering:

  • Recorder tuned in C or F, Barocco and Germany;
  • Clarinet (Boehm system);
  • Indian Love Flute (Pimak);
  • Saxophone;
  • Tin whistle tuned in C or D;
  • Ukrainian sopilka (Demenchuk);
  • Western concert flute (Boehm flute);
  • Xaphoon;



  • Green;
  • Gray;
  • Brown.

By request of users the software can be supplemented with new sets of the flutes, languages and skins.

Thank you for contacting of the software Svirelka!

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    Спасибо за полезную информацию о блок флейте. Надо добавить ваш блог в закладки

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